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Healthy Habits for Healthy Eyes in Aging


According to the CDC, “An estimated 93 million adults in the United States are at high risk for serious vision loss, but only half visited an eye doctor in the past 12 months.” Poor vision is often linked to aging due to the loss of elasticity of the lens inside the eyes. Aside from this, a variety of health conditions causes vision impairments, such as cataracts, glaucoma, and even blindness.

As such, let us protect our senior loved ones’ eyes with a proper lifestyle. Following these healthy habits from your best home care providers will keep poor vision at bay.

  • Eat healthily
    A healthy diet that consists of a balanced mix of fruits, veggies, and proteins will help improve vision. Make sure to give your senior their required intake of Vitamin C and E.
  • Quit your vices
    Aside from causing severe damage to internal organs, smoking and excessive alcohol drinking can also damage optic nerves.
  • Stay away from UVA/UVB rays
    Let them wear protective gear when outside. Wearing dark sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats can provide ample protection from the sun.
  • Reduce screen time
    Spending too much time staring at a screen can stress out the eyes. Remind your senior to give their eyes a break and to avoid screentime before sleeping.
  • Get regularly eye checks
    A visit to the optometrist can help identify early signs of vision damage. Healthcare services can provide ways to mitigate these risks through lifestyle changes.

The time to act is now. Improve their quality of life in retirement with the help of non-medical home care in Nebraska.

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